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To Flight no. Planned Expected Status
Crossway Eagle (via Halfdan A, Halfdan B) SHW669 06:00
Siri (via Nini, Syd Arne, Syd Arne Nord) NHV921 06:15
Noble Sam Turner SHW601 07:30
Harald (via Crossway Eagle, Skjold) SHW603 10:30
Dantysk SHW081 11:00
Aberdeen LM058 11:55
Dan F SHW609 14:00
Doncaster Sheffield BRO025O 16:15
Halfdan A (via Halfdan B, Gorm C, Harald) SHW605 17:30
Siri (via Nini, Syd Arne, Syd Arne Nord) NHV923 18:15

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